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Ice sculputure colors Japan’s summer
Ice is a kind of mysterious material which comes from a God in the Japanese's ancestry eyes.In the 9th century, there is a kind of divination rites in the Japanese imperial government, the prop used is the ice-cubes which are called "ice absolute being".This rites is usually held with a party on New Year's Day. The rites man choose "ice absolute being" from the iceroom to the fortune-teller who pridict the fortune of the year according to the thickness of the iceberg..
Lunar calendar June 1st, once that day is the traditional ice stanza’s day.This day, the imperial house will send a person to take out the ice stored in winter to the cluster, and hold an ice rites, In some small counties in places of Japan this custom is held up to now.On ice stanza’s day, everyone eats ice.
Along with the increasingly flourishing of business in recent years, ice is no longer mysterious in Japan, together with the art of ice sculpture permeates into people’s daily life.It not only becomes a way to reduce the heat ,but its elegant shape is also pleasant to the eye.Particularly these years, ice sculpture gift becomes the most popular in Japan.
 Party ice sculpture is the most expensive, also the most prominent representative of art.
 In the ice sculpture gift, Japanese's most widely need is the party used ice sculpture.However, party's used ice sculpture do not origin in Japan , but in the Delicacies Country-France, the luxurious ice sculpture decoration is the integrated part of France Diet Culture  on the dinner party. Afterwards it developed into large-scale ice sculpture including large ice to be like a carvings at inside of ice sculpture ,.enjoying appreciating
Japanese party's ushering of the ice sculpture is completely related with the imperial house.About the 7th  year of Dazheng, Japanese imperial house's cook took a long leave to Europe to broad his vision.Return to Japan, having seen a lot of fresh things the master chef took advantage of an opportunity to show skills to other cooks. It is said that is ice sculpture to be unveiled for the very first time in Japan.From then on the ice sculpture is always the patent of upper-class society, monopolized by a few famous chefs. Until 60's in the 20th centuries, Japan took up the economic high-speed growth that ice sculpture just came out of the ivory tower, and began to get into the common people's life.
"Ice Sculpture Creation " can be manufactured according to the request of the consumer.
 Besides the party used ice sculpture, other ice sculpture gifts are developed this year, for example the most popular Christmas series gift.The Christmas santa sitting on a small radiant ice pillar with a fur branch in hand., extremely beatufal and charming,adding endless interest to Christmas..In addition, the business of the ice sculpture flower arrangement is also very promising..
Still there is another kind of “Ice Sculpture Creation”also enjoys popularity nowadays. Among them the large ones are used in the grand activity in summer : small scaled of them are used for family party etc., The price is also very low,.The net purchase is the most cheapest way ,needing no more than 1000 yens .
The most attractive place of  "Ice Sculpture Creation "lies in the design and the creations that the consumer can participate in. For example, the ice shape can be specified and various, little cute stuff can be put in the ice-cubes. One can also provide desisn according to one’s own liking..The reporter once said tow designs that come to his mind in an interview ,and let an ice sculptor quote.Put a heap of lipsticks of a riot of colour in ice sculpture of heart shape , and give it as a  present to a girl who loves to be beautifully dressed ;Another thinking is prepare a ice sculpture with a candle on it for the person who is on the leave, then see the candle tearing away without words..The ice sculptor claps right away after listenning to the creative ideas, 2 are 5000 yens each. Tomorrow they will be delivered to you. According to him, such creativity of ice sculpture is simple, using a small amount of ice , thus making it the most desired of the ice sculpture gift at reasonable price.
The ice product attracts the attention of the businessman.
In addition to the beautiful outside look, ice sculpture of practical use is more and more valued. .
For example, since the deluxe pure ice-cubes can be a gift and self-use,itbecomes wine personage's favourite.The better the wine is, the better the water which it is made of is.As a result when take a good wine, the ice-cubes which self-made with the home refrigerator is absolutely not a good choice.The running water mixs a lot of miscellaneous stuff, will break the flavor of wine.Drinking whisky especially needs the high-quality ice-cubes of high and pure degree. It is said this is because there is a kind of chemistry composition in the wine, the low temperature can make it increase in value, with high-quality ice water after melting mutually, the taste is better.
Another kind of fashionable gift is a hairdressing ice bag.The female in love of beauty who receives such a gift, many would have a pleased smile on the face.The ice bag are made of  pure water.Once they are put on the face ,good results can be achieved.Its profound mystery is lying in pure degree of ice water and low temperature can make the skin become clean and delicate.
Going together with of integrity's sending to facilities assurance ice will not flow all over the floor after melting
Ice sculpture gift is not only created excellent, the salesclerk serves also very thoughtful, usually write on the order clear the appreciate time.(general between 4-10 hours)The ice sculpture store also has the kit service of the ice pillar tray pedestal to avoid the melted ice water to flow out on the floor..
The special device of tray pedestal can promise the ice sculpture turns into drop without a trace of water flowing out.
The post of ice sculpture gift should  needs attention too.The tradition of eating raw fish makes the conveyance of frozen specially flourishing.There is a particular express service , especially in have a kind of frozen article passing service by which the ice sculpture gift is posted..The fascination opens a gift box thrivingly, receiving but  ice water  such miserable matter'will not take place.
Ice sculpture gifts are well- received all the year round in Japan.Particularly summer,when most of the folks amusement activitiestake place. The sponsor usually orders a large ice sculpture and an artificial snow house.Having no air conditioner in the open air  where there is ice sculpture  ,there is people and happiness.
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