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The origin of ice sculpture
     The ice sculpture that used by modern banquet originates from  European Imperial family.It is brought to Asia at the earliest stage at the beginning of 20 centuries by Japanese.

Japanese party's ushering of the ice sculpture is completely related to the imperial house.About the 7th  year of Dazheng, Japanese imperial house's cook took a long leave to Europe to broad his vision.Return to Japan, having seen a lot of fresh things the master chef took advantage of an opportunity to show skills to other cooks. It is said that is ice sculpture to be unveiled for the very first time in Japan.From then on the ice sculpture is always the patent of upper-class society, monopolized by a few famous chefs. Until 60's in the 20th centuries, Japan took up the economic high-speed growth that ice sculpture just came out of the ivory tower, and began to get into the common people's life.
Along with the increasingly flourishing of the business of Japan in recent years, ice sculpture is no longer mysterious, and the art of ice sculpture permeates into the daily life of people..Not only can  be used to reduce the heat , but its elegant shape is also pleasing to the eye.Ice sculputure gift is becoming the most popular and enjoying magic power in Japan.

In the ice sculpture gift, Japanese's most widely need is the party used ice sculpture.However, party's used ice sculpture do not origin in Japan , but in the Delicacies Country-France The luxurious ice sculpture decoration is an integrated part of France Diet Culture  on the dinner party. Afterwards it developed into large-scale ice sculpture including large ice to be like a carvings at inside of ice sculpture ,.enjoying appreciating
The party used ice sculpture , the customer who gives order of it are mostly guest house, cabaret and haute cuisine store.The ice sculpture the party uses to decorate are the most expensive, generaliy from several ten thousand to several thousand yens,.This species can show art level and pleasant impression of ice sculpture most  For example the decorated ice sculpture in the wedding party, a pair of love birds made of ice flying on the transparent ice seat of heart form, with the gleaming of  beautiful miniature colourful lights in the ice, increasing the infinitely romantic atmosphere for the wedding.And the method of using ice sculpture in the deluxe dinner party  is none the inferior : fresh captivating seafood are laden on a beautifully engraved ice dish, finely made food in the flower ice basket giving out a sweet smell of milk not only being kept cold but fresh.
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